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Coles Commentator's Ribbon Microphone

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Coles Commentator's Ribbon Microphone with PUS 4104 PTT

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Sound Devices 302 Audio Mixer

Sound Devices 302 Audio Mixer

Sound devices 3 to 2 audio mixer. Mix 3 channels to 2 outputs, allowing you to monitor and record 3 audio inputs into a standard 2-XLR camera. Ability to pan each channel to left channel, right channel or both - which means you have full control over where your mix is going, and can even send all 3 inputs down one channel if you wish, leaving your cameras second XLR available for additional 4th channel such as on-board microphone. Available with tails to go into a 5D or Broadcast camera XLR Our kit comes with splashproof bag and carry straps to make it easy to use in the field.