Canon ME20F-SH Ultra Low Light Camera

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4 million ISO.. yes, you read that correctly… 4 million ISO. Shoot with only starlight at +75dB with a 35mm full frame 2.26 Megapixel CMOS sensor. Compact and only 1.1kg making it ideal for setting up quickly in location or mounting to robotic heads or cranes.

It has a Canon EF lens mount, compatible with a wide range of EF lenses.

Please bare in mind this is a very specialist camera, designed specifically around low light shooting. For that reason the kit itself is very stripped down to reduce weight and size, with no viewfinder or monitor attached as standard. Please speak to us about your setup so we can make sure you have external monitors, media recorder and a suitable powering solution for your needs.

In stock to hire from our offices in Glasgow, Manchester or Birmingham, or delivered around the UK including London, Bristol, Leeds, Cardiff.

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