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ARRI SkyPanel S60-C LED Softlight

Soft lighting redefined. Incorporating features of ARRI’s successful L-Series LED Fresnels, SkyPanel is one of the most versatile soft lights on the market, as well as one of the brightest. The SkyPanel ‘C’ (Color) versions are fully tuneable; correlated color temperature is adjustable between 2...

Prolycht Orion 300 - FS MkII RGB Light Kit

Prolycht Orion 300 is the most versatile film-grade point LED source by far. Powered by Prolycht’s state of the art six-color LED engine, Orion 300 enables a supreme color gamut, an ultra-wide 2000K ~ 20000K pristine white light and a seamlessly color tuning space. The comprehensive software...

Aputure LS 300X Bi-Colour LED Hire

The Aputure Light Storm (LS) 300X is Aputures new Bi-Colour, Dimmable and very portable LED Light.

Where most LED lights use a variety of small LEDs and diffusions to blend them together into the appearance of one LED, the Aputure 300X creates it's light from a single source LED, capable...

Aputure LS C300D mk II

The 300D mk II is Daylight ballenced (5500K) With even More Output by utilising the latest in Aputure COB LED technology, the 300d Mark II outputs a whopping 20% more light than its predecessor. When cobimned with the Fresnel 2X, the 300d Mark II can produce up to 80,000 lux @ 1m, approaching...

Aputure LS 600x Pro

The LS 600X PRO is another impressive LED light from Aputure. It is bi-coloUr 2700K~6500K and has a high output that maintains a bright light even when it's heavily diffused. Its Bowens mount means it can be used with a large and ever increasing range of options including the F10 Fresnel and...

Aputure LS 600D Pro

Daylight balance output nearing a 1.2K HMI from just 720W.

Like the other Aputure Lights, it can be controlled using the Sidius link app, or from it's connected ballast.

Perfect for giving a real punch whilst keeping the kit light for quick setups, simple rigging and easy...

Aputure 1200d High Power LED Light

The Aputure 1200d is the flagship of the Aputure LS range, boasting an output comparable with mid-range HMIs such as the Arrisun 12 (1.2K) or even Arri M18. Unlike HMIs, it is fully dimmable and very easy to attach a range of accessories, from fresnels and spotlights, to Octodomes and Lanterns,...

Aputure Nova P300c

Aputure's take on the extremely popular Sky Panel S30, this is a soft but punchy LED light, giving 9000 lux at 1m.

Bi-colour from 2000K to 10,000K.

Although Aputure claim this can be V-Lock powered, the draw on these and lack of safety cut off can damage V-Lock Batteries, so we do...

Fomex Flex FL-600 Lightweight 1x1 LED Mat

The Fomex Flex FL-600 (FL600) is a bicolour and dimmable 1ft x 1ft LED mat light, which can be used as a flexible cloth or made rigid with a cross frame and used with a soft box. It makes it ideal for lighting in awkward areas.

Can be powered from mains or from V-Lock batteries (not...

Fomex Flex FL-1200 Lightweight 2x1 LED Mat

The slightly bigger brother to the popular FL-600; the Fomex Flex FL-1200 is a bicolour and dimmable 2ft x 1ft LED mat light, which can be used as a flexible cloth or made rigid with a cross frame and used with a soft box. It makes it ideal for lighting in awkward areas.

Can be powered...

Litegrid for Fomex FL-600

Add extra level of control with a simple fold-out lighting grid, specifically designed for use with the Fomex FL-600 but can be used with other 1x1 Light Panels.

Astera AX1 Pixel 8-Tube Set (1035mm)

Set of 8 programmable LED tubes. Control with your tablet/phone app or set preset colour patterns. Control as a group or each tube individually, perfect for events and music videos to give exciting vibrant colours with infinite possibilities. Battery life of 20 hours on a 7 hour charge, can be...

Astera Helios 8-Tube Set (550mm)

Helios Tube is an 550mm RGB – Amber – Mint LED lighting Tube that has all the features of the popular Titan Tube while offering a smaller format. It allows mounting in areas where a Titan Tube wouldn’t fit and also increases portability. Colours and brightness are perfectly matched to those of...

Nanlite Pavotube II 30X 4KIT RGBWWW

Тhe NаnLіtе Раvоtubе ІІ 30Х 4 foot led tubes are RGВ with an impressive 2700К-12000К соlоur tеmрerature rаngе. The built in battery can last for over 1hr 35 mіnѕ and they re charge in 3hr 30mins. They have DMX control, grееn / mаgеntа аdјuѕtmеnt, RGВ huе аnd ѕаturаtіоn соntrоl and they can be...

Nanlite Pavotube II 15X 2 Light Kit RGB

Nanlite Pavotube II 15X 2 Light Kit are RGВ are 2 foot long with an impressive 2700К-12000К соlоur tеmрerature rаngе. The built in battery can last for over 1hr 35 mіnѕ and they recharge in 3hr 30mins. They have DMX control, grееn / mаgеntа аdјuѕtmеnt, RGВ huе аnd ѕаturаtіоn соntrоl and they can...

Aputure B7c 8 Light Kit

Great for use as “practical” LED lights or in vision effects on any set. The kit comes with 8 RGBWW internal-battery 7W LED Bulbs, and also comes with Bayonette to E26/27 Screw-in adapters so that they can fit a wide range of lamp fittings. This gives you full RBG control via the Aputure App,...

DJ 18P HEX IP RGB Floor Par Can 8 Set

American DJ 18P HEX IP RGB Floor Par Can Set contains 8 units which can be rotated to a 25 degree angle, for special effects, mood lighting or background throw.

They are IP65 rated and solid metal construction, making them durable and with a decent level of protection against temporary...

Lightstar 500W Self Inflating Airlite

Lightstar LED Airlite balloon light is a Bi-Colour LED that delivers an impressive amount of soft light controlled by a cable, DMX or Wireless DMX. It is easy to to rig using the built in air pump in 2 mins. The colour can be adjusted between 2800K-6500K and dimmed from 0-100%.

This is...

Dedolight 5Ft Panaura (Daylight or Tungsten) Octodome

The kit comes with the option of a 400W MSR daylight head or a 1000W halogen soft light, both fitted with a larger mounting yoke which allows the use of larger soft boxes.
This is the fill light of choice for many DOP's. The 5ft Octodome softbox is a huge, yet soft light source that...

Kino Flo Celeb 200 LED Panel

Kino Flo LED Lighting Panel, the 'Celeb 200' (Celeb200) is one of the nicest LED Panels we've seen; a wonderful soft light with none of the green spiking you can get from some other LEDs. We feel the light is equally as nice as the popular Kino Flo Diva 400, but with the ability...

Rotolight Anova 2 Bi-Colour LED

The new LED Panel from Rotolite - a huge improvement on the first version - the Anova 50 degree is a circular LED Panel, which runs off vLok batteries or mains power.

The Honeycomb Louver means the light can be much better controlled than most other LED Panels, but still gives a...

ARRI SkyPanel S30-C LED Softlight

Soft lighting redefined. Incorporating features of ARRI’s successful L-Series LED Fresnels, SkyPanel is one of the most versatile soft lights on the market, as well as one of the brightest. The SkyPanel ‘C’ (Color) versions are fully tuneable; correlated color temperature is adjustable between 2...

4LIGHT High-power 2x1 LED Panel

The 4LONG is a powerful while compact LED panel with a panoramic beam adjustable from 30º to 75º.
THELIGHT is a hole range of high-power LED panels from 40W to 200W combining the versatility of THELIGHT system with the faster installation and full light control on market today. It is only...

4LIGHT High-power 1x1 LED Panel Compact

The 4LIGHT is a high output LED panel that can be used in a huge variety of location and studio shoots. It has a huge range of colour balance from 2800K to 8500K (8500K replicates moonlight if you were wondering why). The unique articulated fixture gives an incredibly wide beam from 30º to 75º...

1x1 LED Lighting Panel

Can be powered from a V-Lock Battery or mains, the 1x1 LED Lighting Panel is perfect for quick rigging, and set ups in situations where power is not easily accessible.

Complete with Dimmer, and Colour Temperature Adjuster.. so you can easily match the light to Daylight, Tungsten, or...

Set of Two 1ft x ½ ft LEDs

A newer version of our popular LED Lighting Panels - this kit of 2 gives you a similar amount of light, but rather than one 1ft x 1ft Panel, it is split between two panels of 1ft x 1/2ft, giving you more versatility and one easy to carry bag for both panels.

Gaffer Kit - Rosco LitePad

Kit includes :
2 x LitePad 3 Round Daylight
2 x LitePad Axiom 3x12 Daylight
2 x LitePad Axiom 6x12 Daylight
2 x LitePad Axiom 12x12 Daylight

Great for pack shots!
Great for in car!
A variety of small LED lights that can be easily rigged almost anywhere...

Rotolight Neo 3 Light Kit

Fantastic for traveling abroad and the compact single man shoots.

The Rotolight NEO 3 light Kit is built upon the latest LED Lighting technology. It is a unique on or off camera LED lighting fixture suitable for the most demanding of professionals. The kit includes 3 x NEO lighting...

Arrisun 40/25 2.5 HMI Par

The ARRISUN 40/25 2.5/4K HMI PAR is a much loved industry standard. So if you are punching light through a silk or bouncing off a poly board the ARRISUN will do a fantastic job. The 40/25 can be used with a 2,500 or 4,000W HMI lamp so it is a very versatile light. It comes with a range of...

Arri 2.5K HMI True Blue D25

The ARRI D25 2.5K HMI is a lightweight Fresnel spotlight with daylight and a handy compact size. This is a well loved industry standard that can be used from a standard domestic 13a supply. Its 1000hz flicker free and comes with a 2.5/4K ballast. So if you feel like replicating the sun this is...

Arri Sun 12 1.2 HMI Par

The ARRISUN 12 1.2K HMI PAR is a fantastic light. Whilst is still has decent punch it can also be used for more delicate work. So if you don't need the blast of daylight that a 2.5K or 4K gives you or you don't have a big electricity supply then this is the HMI for you. It is flicker...

Arri 1.2K Daylight Compact HMI

Punchy flicker-free daylight balanced light that can also be used for more delicate work, and more compact than the PARS for easiest transporting and quicker rigging/de-rigging. So if you don't need the blast of daylight that a 2.5K or 4K gives you, or you don't have a big enough...

ARRI T2 True Blue 2K

ARRI TRUE BLUE represent an unprecedented evolution of the location fixtures that have been popular workhorses for over two decades, this 2000w head packs quite a punch and is a really useful addition on any location or in any studio.

Power Consumption: 2,000 W

Correlated Color...

Arri 1000w Plus Fresnel

Well what can we say the ARRI Junior series is the work horse of most studios and location work. The 1K model appears on many DOP's lighting lists as its punchy and portable, a great tungsten light.

Included with your hire:
1x 16A Extension Cable
1x 13A Plug to 16A...

Arri 3 Head Fresnel Portable Lighting Kit

3 powerful lamps, with focusable lenses.
Our Arri 3 head fresnel kit includes…

1 x 300w Junior Fresnel Kit
2x 650w Junior Fresnel Kit

Supplied with barn doors, stands, 3x 16A cables, 2x 13-16A jumpers, splitter, and a small selection of lighting gels (more available on...

Arri 3 Head 'Redhead' Portable Lighting Kit

3x 800W Open Source lights provide a powerful amount of light to flood medium to large areas. Also very popular for green screens due to their even light distribution.

Kit comes supplied with stands, 2x 16A cables, 2x 13A-16A jumper, splitter and a small selection of lighting gels (more...

Arri 2k Blonde

Arri 2kW Open faced blond

Supplied with Barn doors, heavy duty stand, 1x 16A cable, 1x 13-16A RCD Converter.

Aputure 2X Fresnel Attachment and Barndoors

Thе Арuturе Frеѕnеl 2Х and Barndoor adds a huge amount of control to any Bowens mount LED light. It is easy to fit, has 2 focusable орtісаl lenses and vеntіlаtіоn to help cooling. It can flооd bеtween 12 and 40-dеgrees and has very little light leakage. Тhе Frеѕnеl 2Х mаkеѕ the 120D ІІ uр tо 4х...

Aputure F10 Fresnel Attachment

The first 10" Bowens Mount Fresnel. Designed to work with the Aputure 600D, it gives a 340% boost to output in flood mode, and gives an intensity approaching a 5K Tungsten or small HMI.

Modelled on the popular 2X Fresnel (used with the Aputure 300D/300X) this has kept the same ergonomic...

Aputure Spotlight Mount Set 26 Degrees

The Spotlight 26 degree mount is the world's first Bowens spotlight mount and is the perfect solution if both light output and beam diameter is important to you.

This mount allows you to take more control and precisely light small ares or products in your frame, ether square edge using...

Prolycht Spotlight Mount Set 19 Degrees

Bowen's mounted projector lens, popular for use with the Aputure 300X or the Prolycht Orion (along with other Bowen Mount compatible fittings). Very similar to Aputure's version, this can create an incredibly focused spotlight.

Aputure Lantern - Soft Light Modifier

The Aputure Lantern is a 26 inch sphere of super soft flattering light. It can be rigged with no experience in a matter of seconds. So if you need it this light can use its 270 degree light angle to light a whole room. But it comes with easy to attach skirts to control the light stopping it from...

Aputure Light Dome 150 Softbox (5')

The Aputure Light Dome is a massive 5 foot (150 cm in modern talk) wide circular unit that delivers very very soft flattering light. It can be fitted to any Bowens mount light. This light can be used to light a large area or to provide flattering light to a subject. There are 2 diffusion options...

Aputure Light Dome II (34.8")

The Aputure Light Dome II attaches to a wide range of LED lights via the universal Bowens mount. It gives gorgeous soft light that will give your subject a flattering look. It has an outer and inner diffuser to make the light very soft but also an eggcrate to help control unwanted light from...

Aputure Light Dome Mini II (21.5")

The Aputure Light Dome Mini II Shallow Dome is a shallower design than the standard Light Dome so if you are in a small space but still want flattering soft light then this is for you. Using the Bowens mount means it can fit on most of the growing range of LED lights.

It is really easy...

Chimera Small Diffusion Soft Box

Diffusion Soft Box for 750W ARRI Heads, 650W ARRI Junior.

Kit Includes...
Speed Ring
Lightbank Body with Support Poles
Full Diffusion Front Screen (-1.4 stops)
1/2-Grid Diffusion Front Screen (-0.7 stops)
1/4-Grid Diffusion Front Screen (-0.3 stops)

Chimera Medium Diffusion Soft Box

Diffusion Soft Box for 1.2K, 2.5K and 4K HMI

Kit Includes
Adjustable Speed Ring
Lightbank Body with Support Poles
Full Diffusion Front Screen (-1.4 stops)
1/2-Grid Diffusion Front Screen (-0.7 stops)
1/4-Grid Diffusion Front Screen (-0.3 stops)

30" Spring Ball

The 30" JEM Ball radiates a soft surround (360 degrees) 500W Tungsten lighting effect with fewer shadows than conventional lights, due to it's huge spherical soft box.

Please note this does not mount on standard lighting stands. We can provide it with a C Stand and Boom Arm or (...

Dedo Light Head Kit

Our Dedo Light kit gives you 3 superb fully focusable lamps, soft box stands and gobos in one easy-to-carry bag,

150kW dimmable lamps emit light equivalient of 300kW, drawing less current and keeping heat lower. Focusable lens and selection of gobos, which come in range of shapes for...

HMI Wire Scrim Sets

Available for 1.2K HMIs and 2.5K HMIs. Set of 4 usually comprises Full Single, Full Double, Half Single and Half Double.

Kino Flow Diva-lite

The Diva 400 utilises 4 x 55w single ended fluorescent lamps and creates a beautiful and fully dimmable soft light source whilst generating minimal heat.

Supplied with stand, 16A cable, 13-16A RCD Converter, daylight balanced lamps and tungsten balanced lamps.

Kino Flo 4ft Tegra

4ft Kino Flo "Tegra" gives an incredible amount of soft light whilst using little power and producing little heat. Comes with Tungsten and Daylight tubes, and in a transportable wheeled hard case.

Call now to hire Kino Flo 4 bank Tegra Light in Birmingham, the Midlands, and...

Kino Flo 4x4 bank kit

Kino Flo 4x4 bank kit includes...

1 x Set of Daylight Lamps with 4ft 4Bank Fixture
1 x Set of Tungstern Lamps with 4ft 4Bank Fixture
1x Ballast
1x Mounting Plate
1x 25ft Head Extension
1 x C-Stand

Westcott Icelight

The Westcott Ice Light is handheld LED that produces a surprising amount of light. It is daylight but is powerful enough to cope with a tungsten correction gel. It is powered by a Lithium Ion battery and can be run on mains power. The battery can run for up to 60 minutes at full power with a...

LED Ring Light

The F&V R-300 LED Ring Light with light stand mount and 15 bar mount.

It has 300 daylight LEDs that give a surprising amount of light with an onboard dimmer from 0-100%. It has two power options: a Sony NP-F Battery Plate and a DC2.5 jack to D Tap.

It has a 65 beam-angle and it...

Aputure MC 4-Light Kit

Excellent for in-car filming or lighting small spaces; this kit of 4 are bright but very compact, producing 400 Lux at 0.5m, and a BiColour range of 3200-6500K as well as full RGB.

Each light is rechargable so no need for additional power sources or batteries, and can last up to 15 hours...

Aladdin A-Lite Top Light

LED Top Light, lightweight yet powerful, and giving 70 minutes on full power from a full battery. Spare battery and charger also supplied with our kit

Aputure AL-MC Top Light

Full RGB and Warm White Top Light by Aputure. Standard white light range from 3200K to 5600K and 400 lux at half a metre.

Internal battery which charges via USB cable or Qi Wireless charging, making it easy to charge but does limit usage as battery is not interchangable (if you think you...

Aladdin Eye-Lite Top Light

Simple but effective LED Top Light. BiColour (from 3000K to 6000K) and Dimmable with 2 separate controller wheels to control your colour and brightness outputs.

Integrated battery gives 2 hours at full power, however battery is not interchangable and would need to be recharged when empty...

Lastolite Collapsible Backgrounds

The Lastolite (by Manfrotto) pop-up screens give you a simple and effective background solution in one easy-to-carry bag.

Available as :
Chromakey green (1.8 x 1.5m)
Black (1.8 x 1.5m)
Grey (1.8 x 1.5m)
White (1.8 x 1.5)
Tobacco/Olive (2.1 x 1.5m)

Large Haze Machine

Our typical larger Haze Machine is the Hazer Technology HZ-500, for use with stage productions, clubs or indoor filming. (Note, this will have very little effect used outside or where there is a through breeze).

Low-noise operation of under 70dB, controllable by DMX or with the build in...

Haze Machine

A few small Hazers available, including Chauvet Arena Hazer 3 and Martin Jem Compact Pro.

Add atmosphere to your film shoot, gig or event with our Haze Machine, which can quickly and smoothly develop a pre-determined level of haze and maintain it consistently.


Westcott Fast Flags Kit

Westcott 1957 (24"x36") Fast Flag Kit.

Protect the camera lens from flare or to control spill light from other sources.

They are constructed using collapsible carbon steel frames and have arms that swing out to 90-degree angles and lock into place.

Fabric covers...

5 Flag Kit

Our five flag kit comes with a range of flags from Small to Large.

If you have any special requests we may be able to build you a bespoke kit, please ask.

Flags are square or rectangular frames with mounting pins attached and covered with a solid cloth material. Used to control...

4x4 Flag Floppy

Used to block light. One half of the floppie is secured until needed, after deployed the flag doubles in size to 8 x 4ft

Is Your Vehicle Large Enough?
4x4 Flags, Frames, Scrims require a large vehicle with at least a 48" opening to transport.

Flags are square or...

4 x Silk and Net Kit

4 x Silk and Net Kit

Our kit includes...
1 x China Silk
1 x Single Net
2 x Double Net

4x4 Trace Frame

4ft x4ft Trace Frame.

We supply this either as an empty frame for £6 or it can be ordered with diffusion filter to fit yourself, note the filter will be an additional cost depending on your requirements.

We can even fit it for you for £10 more!

Is Your Vehicle Large Enough...

6X6 / 8x8 Butterfly Frame Kit

Our 6ft x 6ft (modular) and 8ft x 8ft (popout) Butterfly Kits are a complete light-shaping system supported with heavy duty stands. Ideal for various lighting techniques; blackout, diffusion, ultrabounce.

Speak to us about your requirements and we can arrange fabrics as required, for...

12x12 Butterfly Frame Kit

Our 12ft x12ft Butterfly Kit is a large complete light-shaping system consisting of a sectional tube frame. Provided with high-roller stands.

Speak to us about your requirements and we can arrange fabrics as required, please note that fabrics are at additional cost depending on...

Polyboard and Holder

Reflective Polyboard with stand and holder.

We have a large variety of used Polyboard in different sizes that we can hire out individually, so if you need it to fit in your car or have it painted black on one side or with a silver reflector, please do ask for your specific requirements...

Grip Kit Box

Box of Grip contains:

2x Super Clamp
Magic Arm
Univeral Joint
Suction Mount
Camera Plate
Brass Stud
Safety Chain

Magic Arm

A classic really handy, easy to position piece of grip to add to your arsenal

5/8'' (16mm ) with 1/4'' and 5/8'' (16mm ) with 3/8'' attachments
3Kg (6,61 lb) payload and 53cm (20,8in) length

Super Clamp

The most versatile single piece of light grip gear you will ever have

Payload of 15Kg, hexagonal 16mm attachment with 1/4'' thread

Camera Mounting Plate

Standard 1/4-20 inch thread mount for cameras a great accompaniment to any Magic Arm

Various lighting stands

Various lighting stands available.

Note : All lights come with stands as part of the kit.

Double Wind Up Stand

This Double wind up stand has a 30Kg Payload Heavy Duty Stand

Ideal for HMI's and Mega Booms

American Combo Heavy Duty 2 or 3 Rise Stand

Free Sliding Light Stand

5' Max Height

21 to 22"

15 to 19 lbs

C Stand, Arm and Grip Head

Very sturdy stand, with 40" arm to attach a range of accessories.

Mini 20" versions also available for lower mounting.

Auto Pole

Autopole with extend and grip between 2 walls to give you horizontal bar to attach lamps or green screen to.

Manfrotto Mega Boom

This is the largest boom manufactured by Manfrotto. Movement - including pan, tilt, rotation, and telescopic extension of the boom arm - is controlled by smooth-operating geared crank handles. Fully folded length is 2.2m, with the boom extending a minimum of 50cm past the stand attachment and a...

Heavy-Duty Background Support

Heavy-Duty Background Support Cross Bar kit for use with Lastolite pop up backgrounds and paper rolls

Comes with two stands, cross bar and caring case.

Extension Cable 16A

Our 16amp extension cables come in a verity of lengths. Please tell us the length of your cable run and we will supply enough cable for your job.

16amp 3 way Splitter

This three way 16amp splitter allows one 16amp cable to be split 3 ways

2.5K Inline Dimmer Movie Master

Input Volts 220/240V
Output Power 2.5 KW
Output Rise Time 200uS
Dimensions L 260mm x W 115mm x H 95mm (inc. feet)
Weight 1.2 KG
Connectors 16A 240V C Form (BS4343)
Protection 15A Thermal Circuit Breaker...

Sand Bag

Keep lamps and camera safer by weighing your stands down with a sand bag.

Collapsible Lastolite Reflectors

Foldable circular reflector that collapses into a small carry case of approx 14inches.

Available in...

Sunlite/Soft Silver

Documentary Lighting Package 1

1x 1.2 HMI
2x 2k Blonde
1x 4ft Kinoflo Divalite
1x 2ft Kinoflo Divalite
2x Arri 650
1x Arri 300
4x C Stands
2x Polyboards and Holders
2x Magic Arm
2x Super Clamp
1x Autopole
4 x Sandbag
8x TRS 16A Extension Cable

Documentary Lighting Package 2

2x 2k Blonde
2x Arri 650
1x Arri 300
1x 2ft Kinoflo Divalite
3x C Stands
2x Polyboard and Holder
3x Sand Bag
5x 16A Extension Cable

Documentary Lighting Package 3

2x 2k Blonde
2x Red Head
2x C Stand
2x Poly Board and Holder
2x Sand Bag
4x 16A Extension Cable