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Encapsulites Test - Star Wars Style

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Here at the kennel we pride ourselves on being able to advise our clients on their projects and being a font of technical knowledge, and what we don't know, we like to find out.
This week we’ve been asked about the best settings for High Frame rates on the Sony FS7 whilst working with our Encapsulites.
But when we do a test, we like to have a bit of fun with it.

We’ve found that the Encapulites strobe when they're first turned on however this subsides when they’ve ‘warmed up’, which is quite a rarity from a fluorescent tube light.
We set the Sony FS7 to 150FPS with shutter angle of 180’, which gave us a beautiful 6x Slow motion without strobing or flickering.

The light throw of the Encapsulites is limited as they only contain one lamp per unit but this isn’t necessarily a put down on their performance. When working with multiple lamps the user can position them in multiple locations to provide a lovely soft and even light.

Kit Used:
Sony FS7 -
Canon L Series F4 11-24 -
Canon L Series F2.8 70-200 -

Libec Dolly and Track -

Encapsulites -