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Samyang Prime Lens Kit

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The Samyang VDSLR prime lens kit 5 is EF mount and despite the name Produced in Germany. They are very fast and they are impressively compact and light so great for use on a gimbol. They have gears for follow focus or remote as well as iris gears. the lenses are designed to cover a full frame sensor.

We have a set of 5 -

14mm - T3.1
24mm - T1.5
35mm - T1.5
50mm - T1.5
85mm - T1.5

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Canon 4K Cinema Prime Lens Kit

4K Cinema Glass. Set of 4 covers a huge range from a wide 14mm up to 85mm. 14mm T3.1 24mm T1.5 50mm T1.3 85mm T1.3 Hire Canon Cinema 4K Prime Lenses (Canon CinePrimes) from Media Dog, based in Birmingham the Midlands, Manchester and Glasgow Scotland, but ship throughout the UK. 35mm and 135mm Canon CinePrime Lenses also available on request.
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Carl Zeiss Premium Prime Kit

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Sony 4K Cinema Primes Kit

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