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1x1 LED Lighting Panel

LED Pannel LightLED Pannel LightLED Pannel Light
Day rate:

Can be powered from a V-Lock Battery or mains, the 1x1 LED Lighting Panel is perfect for quick rigging, and set ups in situations where power is not easily accessible.

Complete with Dimmer, and Colour Temperature Adjuster.. so you can easily match the light to Daylight, Tungsten, or anything in between!

V-lock batteries are hired separately at £10 for a 2-way and £15 for a four way kit.

Call us now for LED Light Panel Hire in Birmingham and The Midlands, Manchester and Glasgow Scotland.

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Kino Flo Celeb 200 LED Panel

Kino Flo Celeb 200 LED Panel

Kino Flo LED Lighting Panel, the 'Celeb 200' (Celeb200) is one of the nicest LED Panels we've seen; a wonderful soft light with none of the green spiking you can get from some other LEDs. We feel the light is equally as nice as the popular Kino Flo Diva 400, but with the ability to power from V-Lok batteries, making it quick to rig, and easy to use, with no cables or requiring plug sockets. Bi-Colour and Dimmable, the Kino Flo Celeb LED Panel Light is versatile and quick to adjust, with 2700 and 5600 presets, and touchscreen controls to reach everything in between. Does not dim when changing colour temperature, and likewise colour temperature does not change at all whilst dimming. Also has a DMX input, is completely flicker free and extremely quiet operation. We can supply the kit with Kinoflo 60 degree and/or 90 degree Honeycomb Louver. V-Lok batteries supplied separately. Call now to hire the Kino Flo Celeb 200 (Kinoflo Celeb200).
V-Lok Batteries

V-Lok Batteries

Our standard battery packs comprise of 4 V-Lok Batteries and 4-way charger. For thirstier cameras you will need chunkier batteries, such as the SWIT 160W. These split into two halves of 80W to allow you to fly with them (as flying restrictions do not allow batteries that large, so need to be split down).