Velvet 4LIGHT High-power 1×1 LED Panel Compact

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The 4LIGHT is a high output LED panel that can be used in a huge variety of location and studio shoots. It has a huge range of colour balance from 2800K to 8500K (8500K replicates moonlight if you were wondering why). The unique articulated fixture gives an incredibly wide beam from 30º to 75º.

If you are doing green screen this is the light for you as it has green/magenta adjustment correction ¼ and 1/8. It has a high CRI light with no green deviation and instant start and adjustment. It’s flicker free up to 3000 fps and silent fan-free operation.

It runs from 13A mains power. It has a huge punch up to 24 feet / 7 meters, replacing a 650W tungsten or a 10 tubes fluorescent while drawing only 100W.

It’s very cool to look at as well so looks great in vision.

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