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Gaffer Kit - Rosco LitePad

Gaffer Kit - Rosco HO90 Everywhere Lighting Kit Gaffer Kit - Rosco HO90 Everywhere Lighting Kit Media Dog Hire Kit ImageGaffer Kit - Rosco HO90 Everywhere Lighting Kit
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Kit includes a 1x1 Panel, 1x Half, 1x Quarter, Half by Half, Half by Quarter, Quarter by Quarter, and 2x Small circular discs.

Great for pack shots!
Great for in car!
A variety of small LED lights that can be easily rigged almost anywhere, don't produce much heat, don't weight much, but kick out a fair bit of light.

The Rosco HO90 Everywhere Lighting Kit is the only kit in the LitePad line that contains a full assortment of LitePad HO 90 LED fixtures. This kit was designed to fill the needs of those who still need the extremely thin profile and light weight features that only LitePad HO90 can offer. There are twelve LitePads in the kit as well as a wide selection of different mounting, dimming and light-control accessories, and we can supply batty power if required

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