DJI Ronin Camera Gimbal

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As a replacement for the DJI Ronin we now recommend the following items as newer, better equivalent, for the same price.

DJI Ronin RS 2 with a Tilta Advanced Ring Grip

For larger setups we also have the Freefly MoVi Pro and DJI Ronin 2

Three modes of operation ; underslung, upright and briefcase mode.

Can take a load of 7.25kg (16lbs) with accuracy of 0.02 degrees and rotates on 3 axis with incredible control and smoothness, and you can even tinker with the settings via bluetooth using a smartphone.

Also has twin controls, meaning one person can control movement whilst another manoeuvres the actual rig.

Packaged in custom flight case so perfect for travelling.

More information on the DJI Ronin Gimbal is available here

DJI Ronin Camera Stabilisation Gimbal hire in Manchester, Birmingham and throughout the UK including London, Bristol and Glasgow.

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