Syrp Genie Motion Controller

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Designed for lightweight cameras or DSLRs, the Genie allows either 360 panning or linear motion control, and attaches to standard gear such as dollies, sliders, jib arms and tripods.

Linear Motion can be set to repeat certain movements with precision, and even repeating at a percentage of the speed, allowing you to overlay tracking shots at different speeds for timelapses. It can also be used for continuous back and forth movement (please bare in mind it does have an electric motor which will generate some noise).

We find the linear movement module works best with an iFootage Shark for a 0.75m slider with a maximum speed of 23 seconds. We are happy to provide a pre-rigged setup with the iFootage Shark, please tell us your requirements so we can make sure it meets your needs.

In 360 degree panning mode it can do a full 360° rotation in 5 seconds (maximum speed).

Both modules can do slow speeds with good accuracy. So if you want your 360 pan or 0.75 slide to last exactly 4 hours (purely example) it will finish it’s move at exactly 4 hours.

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