Laowa Periprobe 24mm Macro Periscope Lens (PL Mount)

Full Frame x2 Macro 85° Angle of View Periscope System

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The Laowa Periprobe lens allows incredibly unique Macro filming. It has a long Anteater style barrel and right-angled periscope to get the viewing angle you simply cannot get with standard camera and lens setups.

Whole lens barrel can rotate 360° and can be controlled using a lens control system on the teeth, to allow you to control the rotation of the barrel accurately during shot, giving you huge creative opportunities and create unusual viewing angles and movements – especially if the camera movement is then used with a robotic head or motion controlled slider such as the Edelkrone JibONE.

Has a built-in LED Ring light on the end of the barrel, so although the lens seems very slow at T14 it illuminates your subject nicely. Also has a 2x magnification for extra levels of close-up details.

Lens kit comes with 2 options; the periprobe 85° angled periscobe lens, or the standard front-facing probe lens, which can be easily clipped on and off the PL lens mount.

PL Mount, so perfect for use with PL Cameras and also with E-Mount cameras with use of an E-PL Adapter. Covers full frame sensors.

Weighs less than 2kg.


Video by Laowa.

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