Sony Rumours – 3 new Cameras coming in 2023

Back in September the rumours started circulating that 3 new Sony cameras were on the horizon, with 3 new patents submitted by Sony in Japan. At the time it was unsure whether it was going to be for the professional market or the ‘prosumer’ market (such as the new version of the PXW-X70 or cameras aimed more at YouTube Content Creators), however it would now seem it will be at least 2 new entries to the Professional Market, with the third heavily rumoured to be a Vlogging camera.

Nothing has been officially announced as of yet. However, there’s increasing conversation that we will see: a PXW-FX6 Mark 2, and an upgraded PXW-FX9 or New PMW-F5.


With the FX6 only being 18 months old, it’s unlikely we will see wholesale changes with this camera. There’s a few design flaws in the Mk1 that need more than a firmware update, which I personally think they will address in this Mk II. I’d like to see a focus on improvements in ergonomics and build quality, more than recording outputs or codecs.
The ongoing issue of audio running through a small pin connection under the top handle has meant sound issues when the handle is loose. It also means you cannot record audio with the camera stripped down for Gimbal work. We could see a secondary, or improved audio connection, allowing some form of input without the handle setup, and hopefully a more robust connection when audio is running through the handle.

FX9 Mk II / F5 Mk II

This is the more interesting potential release in my opinion. The FX9 is a few years old now after it’s release in 2019 and is due a bit of a refresh, however it is still incredibly popular especially as it follows the design of the popular FS7 – with focus on TV Production and Shoulder-mount shooting. It has full 4K in both FF and S35 whilst borrowing the colour science from the Venice, so it suits many production’s needs.

However there has been this chasm in the range for Sony. The FX9 was released at approx £10,000 and the next Sony Camera in the professional range jumps up to the Venice, at £80,000-£100,000 depending on how it’s kitted out.

Classically, Sony have always had a camera at the higher-end TV Production; from the DSR-450, to the PMW500 and then to the PMW-F5. For the market looking for more options than the CompactHD, but not budgeting for Film Cameras such as a RED or Arri Mini (or Sony Venice). These usually sat at the £22,000 – £25,000 price point and offered more features than the smaller options.

I think we will see this space in the range filled this year. Perhaps a full 6K sensor, with 4K Oversampled FF and RAW Output to external recorders (or the return of their AXS-R5 Back Recorders). I personally don’t see we will see an 8K sensor at this price point, due to not wanting to make the Venice redundant, but an upgrade on the current options in the PXW range. I would not be surprised to see Sony stick with their E-Mount connection, to build on the popularity of G Master Lenses, whilst keeping the option to easily adapt for PL Lenses.