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The latest camera from Sony, the PXW-FX9 (Sony FX9) builds on the success of the popular PXW-FS7, with all the familiar features and setup of the FS7, but with a fantastic 6K Full frame sensor, giving improved image quality, shallower depth of field, and incredible low-light capabilities within the same popular and familiar, ergonomically-designed body.

This is a really solid addition to Sony’s FX Range, and this camera is positioned beneath the Sony Venice, and above the ILME-FX6.

6K oversampled sensor allows stunning 4K, UHD and HD, in full frame or with a Super35mm sensor crop if you are using APSC lenses.

Dual Base ISO of 800/4000, with 15 stops of Dynamic range.
S-Cinetone Colour Science as default, which was developed by the same expertise who designed the stunning colour science present in this camera’s bigger brother, the Sony Venice.

Our kits come with a HawkWoods rear plate to allow power from V-Lock Batteries.

This camera has a Sony E-Mount as native, so if you wish to use Canon EF or PL lenses you would need the relevant adapter – just let us know what you are planning and we can make sure you have everything you need.

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