A unique look for your production

At Media Dog Hire we have taken delivery of a full set of LPL Mamiya 645 lenses with speed booster. As a result, we can now offer new lenses that not only provides full frame coverage, but also look fabulous on Super 35 cameras (like our new Alexa Mini LF and Alexa 35). If you’re interested in adding them to your kit list click then you can find them here.

About The Mamiya 645

Originally created for high-end medium format photography and boasting a reputation for being amongst the best lenses ever made. They took their name, “645”, from the nominal film size of 120 roll film, the size film the cameras originally designed for used (6 x 4.5mm).

TLS rehousing incorporates a high quality speed booster element that further enhances the camera to create detailed and stunning images. Images that have a flattering soft vignette, providing a very subtle vintage lens look that is unlike other vintage lenses. 

Our set contains…

  • Mamiya Sekor C 25mm T2.8
  • Mamiya Sekor C 32mm T2.3
  • Mamiya Sekor C 39mm T2.3
  • Mamiya Sekor C 50mm T2.3
  • Mamiya Sekor C 57mm T1.6
  • Mamiya Sekor C 78mm T2.3
  • Mamiya Sekor C 107mm T2.6

The 57mm started life as a T1.9 but with the addition of the speed booster it now boasts a T stop of 1.6 making it the fastest medium format photography lens ever made and a very special lens indeed, you will fall in love with it.

Unique, exclusive, different, rare, individual are just some of the words we have used to describe these latest bits of glass in our, ever expanding, catalogue of vintage lens. Additionally, We have had our set tested by several DOP’s and everyone has immediately fallen in love with them.

“It’s a challenge to find lenses that exhibit sharpness and character at the same time. Many vintage lenses are too soft or wild for some commercial projects. But the Mamiya’s tick all the boxes for me. They’re sharp, without being clinical. They flare beautifully, but they’re easy to control. They cover any sensor you can throw at them. They’re lightweight, light-sensitive, and full of texture.”

Nathan Thompson (Director Of Photography) commenting on his own set of Mamiya 465s for TLS

In summary, if you want a unique look to your project then check of our TLS rehoused Mamiya 465’s, we think one of only two sets to rent in the UK! Finally why not raise some glass to shooting on these exclusive lenses, Enjoy!

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