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Sony HXR-MC1P MiniCam Hire

Day rate:

Complete with an accessory kit including wide angle lens, ultra wide angle lens, fish eye lens, and 2 batteries!

Each minicam also comes with a 16GB Memory Stick and an 8GB Memory Stick giving you plenty of recording time, and a card reader in case you wish to transfer the videos to a laptop whilst still on the shoot.

Small camera head makes it easy to mount with very little vibration, and LCD display gives you a good image and makes it easy to navigate through various settings in the menu. It is the MiniCam of choice for a wide range of video companies and broadcasters.

The Sony HXR-MC1P is a remarkable HD minicam with solid state recorder that utilises the AVCHD (H.264) Codec. It records in 1920x1080 and has a 10x zoom.

The recording format is native to Final Cut Pro and Avid, so capturing the information from your card to your computer is quick and simple.

Call us now for Sony HXR-MC1P in Birmingham and the Midlands.

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Panasonic AG-HCK10 HD MiniCam

Panasonic AG-HCK10 HD MiniCam

The Panasonic HCK-10 is an exceptionally high quality HD MiniCam. Full 1080p image with overcranking. Super-Wide Angle Lens available on request, making it perfect for in-car interviews / PTC's as you can achieve a 2-shot in even the smallest of cards. As with most minicams, sound input is 35mm jack so you will need a beach box to monitor and input audio, or use an external recorder. Kit comes with 32gb cards, spare battery, charger and card reader as standard. High quality HD Minicam / Mini Cam hire in Birmingham and The Midlands.