GoPro Hero 10 / 9 / 8 / 7 / 6 / 5 Black


GoPro Heros range evolve incredibly quickly with new features. However there is still solid uses for the older models. Hero 7s have build in stabilisation which can help achieve a much smoother shot, however that does take a bit more out of the batteries, so if that is not needed then the Hero 6 might suit you better. The Hero 5 still has it’s uses also, as it was the last GoPro model to include the Ultra wide camera view, which was scrapped in the Hero 6 onwards.

No matter what the model, these are very useful POV cameras for and there’s not much more can be said than that is already known. Great for POV shots and those unusual angle texture shots, and also useful with built in timecode capabilities. An excellent and cost-effective hire solution to many shoot requirements.

Hire Rates
GoPro Hero 5 – £25 per day
GoPro Hero 6 – £30 per day
GoPro Hero 7 – £35 per day
GoPro Hero 8 – £40 per day
GoPro Hero 9 – £45 per day
GoPro Hero 10 – £55 per day

Good deals available for weekly/monthly hires

Please also let us know your rigging requirements. We have various mounts and attachments, and are happy to recommend what you need to safely secure your GoPro. Grip may come at additional cost.

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