Angenieux EZ1 (45-135mm FF) (30-90mm Super 35)

T3 Zoom

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The Angenieux EZ Range (EZ1 and EZ2) brings the run-and-gun requirements of Broadcast and ENG-style shooting to the more modern style. It provides a brilliant balance of flexibility, quality, size and price, resulting in a lightweight but optically beautiful zoom lens. Using a modular rear element the lens can be adapted to a variety of mount types, and with an interchangable rear optical block they can even be converted between Super-35 and Full Frame/Vistavision.

The 45-135 gives a quick servo zoom over a decent range whilst only being a fraction over 2kg, making it light enough for sustained periods of handheld work and even gimbals. At T3 throughout the zoom range it still gives the depth-of-field control and cinematic look, with a sharp but pleasing softness.

It can be operated either as a Full Frame or Super 35 configuration, however we advise that you let us know your requirements and we can ensure the lens is set up as you need, as changing it does require some complex changes and is not a quick change around in the field. Changing from the Full Frame 45-135mm produces 30-90mm T2 in Super-35.

Front Di: 114mm


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