Aputure Light Dome 150 Softbox (5′)

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The Aputure Light Dome is a massive 5 foot (150 cm in modern talk) wide circular unit that delivers very very soft flattering light. It can be fitted to any Bowens mount light. This light can be used to light a large area or to provide flattering light to a subject. There are 2 diffusion options that change the quality of the soft light.

If you have the room and need your lighting to be very soft then thus is for you. Perhaps use with an Aputure 600d for an impressive amount of soft lighting.

Included –

1 x Light Dome 150 Light Dome
1 x Fabric Light Control Grid
1 x Front Diffusion 1 (1.5 Stop)
1 x Front Diffusion 2 (2.5 Stop)
1 x Speed Ring Adapter

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