Carl Zeiss Supreme Prime Lens 150mm

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Carl Zeiss Surpremes are Full Frame (Cinematic Large-Format) PL-Mount Lenses. Incredibly fast at T1.5 and outstanding quality, perfect for use with RED Monstro, Arri Alexa LF and Sony Venice, but will also work on Super-35mm Cameras with a crop-factor.

150mm gives a fantastic telephoto option, and Zeiss have worked wonders to keep it at T1.8 despite the huge length.

Available individually, however great deals available when hired with the Standard Kit.

Compact and light, with an average weight of just 1600 grams per lens, they are great for gimbal work also, but their size has not compromised on optical quality; giving outstanding performance at T1.5, even in low light conditions and creating beautiful bokeh with subtle details in dark shadows and bright highlights.

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