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The EyeDirect (Eye Direct – also referred to as an Interetron) is designed to allow Pieces to Camera with less experienced presenters or interviewees, by giving them eye to eye contact with the interviewer but whilst still looking straight down the barrel of the lens. This is important as it gives the presenter or interviewee a distinctive focus point, avoiding the small eye flickers you get when they are looking at a larger surface area of a lens front. It also helps them relax more and deliver more naturally as they are still having that conversational feel.

The Mark II also has an Accessory holder to turn a tablet into into a teleprompter.
Scripts or cue sheets can be copied and pasted into the ‘DV Prompter’ app software (available for iOS and Android devices) and scrolled at a set automatic rate or controlled by a user with the wired/wireless remote. A number of fonts, colours and text sizes are available making reading comfortable from a variety of distances.

Please note that due to the fragile glass we may need a couple of days notice for your hire, so that we can safely transport the unit to the office you require.