Freefly Wave Compact High Speed Slow Motion Camera

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Our Freefly Wave High Speed Camera comes with 2TB of storage and is small, light, and insanely fast. Built to fly, jump, run the Wave is compact, Light and simple to use weighing in at only 600g.

In 4K you can record up to 420fps and in 2K you can go up to a staggering 1,440fps.

Media Size

Internal SSD


Continuous Capture Time
4096 x 2176, 422fps, 2TB – 39min
2048 x 188, 1462fps, 2TB – 45min

Follow this link to see all frame rate options…

Ultra lightweight locking E mount so you can adapt to anything be it EF or PL

Global Shutter
Say goodbye to rolling shutter artifacts. Wave uses a global shutter to capture the world as accurately as possible.

Wave is made of 6061 aluminium and features mounting hard points on all sides of the camera.

Video output

Recording format
Compressed Bayer RAW

Scientific Applications
By selecting a smaller frame size, Wave can shoot at up to 9,259fps for scientific applications. Users can also dial in exact frame rates or use external triggers to synchronize Wave to a rotating or vibrating subject to act as a visual oscilliscope.