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The Influencer Kit has been designed and made by Media Dog as a complete package for Influencers, Vloggers, aspiring YouTuber’s and Zoom meetings.

Comprising a simple but great quality HD camera, heigh-adjustable laptop stand, LED ring light, tie-clip microphone and an HDMI to USB laptop converter.

Everything is simple to use, with an instructional setup guide provided, and can be powered via battery as well as mains, and the cameras fold out screen can be rotating to front-facing so you can always see your shot.

The LED ring light provides a soft light which looks natural but flattering.

The laptop stand is table-mountable with adjustable legs for any type of setup. The camera is as simple as you can get just plug in a HDMI and a Mini Jack for sound and you are good to go. Alternatively the camera comes with a sound block and top mic for when you have multiple people on screen ie. Conference meetings, Interviews, family chats etc. The cam link setup allows you to stream live or record onto your laptop for later. The Lapel mic has an extension cable of about 5m which enables you to be in full shot whilst still being professionally mic’d up.

Give us a call to hire or purchase the kit.