InstaGrid One Max

2.1Kw/h Portable Power Solution

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Portable power re-invented.

Small and compact battery solution that can act as a replacement for a cumbersome and noisy diesel generator. It  has a 240V AC Power Outlet giving 3.6KW output and a total capacity of 2.1KWH.

Full charges in less than 3 hours.

It’s a solution to having all these LED Lights without easy access to Mains Power, but can also run anything else electrical you need, such as monitoring/mixing setups, hair & make up accessories or charge camera batteries in remote locations.

Multiple units can be daisy chained for longer output.

IP54 rated, which means it is protected against small amount of water spray and a limited amount of dust.

20kg, which sounds heavy in itself, but not when compared to a generator. If you’re in a remote location or somewhere you cannot easily run cables for power, this is a very handy power solution for nearly anything you need on set.

Build largely with recycled materials and a focus on sustainability, so extra bonuses for Albert Certified productions.

Video provided by InstaGrid.

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