Motorola DP344E Wireless Comms – Set of 5

Set of Wireless Comms Units with 5-Way Charging Station

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Set of 5 Wireless Communication Units, perfect for live events or studio setups where you need to communication between camera operators.

Supplied with Earpieces and Belt Clips, all 5 units come in one Easy-to-carry Peli case with a 5-way charging station.

Each unit comes with an Outer-Ear Piece. The Inner ear pieces are consumables which we supply on request. ***Please make sure you request your earpieces at point of booking***

These utilise the shared frequency range, so a clear channel is not guaranteed however for a majority of locations there are enough available channels to not be an issue.
(For very busy locations such as stadiums/arenas you may require a more specialist unit which is leased with it’s own dedicated frequency for the day from Offcom.)