Aputure LS 300X Bi-Colour LED Hire

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The Aputure Light Storm (LS) 300X is Aputures new Bi-Colour, Dimmable and very portable LED Light.

Where most LED lights use a variety of small LEDs and diffusions to blend them together into the appearance of one LED, the Aputure 300X creates it’s light from a single source LED, capable of changing from daylight to tungsten in seconds.

Colour temperature from 2700K, allowing a warmer, more ‘Tungsten’ feel than most LEDs, and boasting 56,000 lux at 1m – making it one of the most powerful LED lights around.

Available to hire with a variety of mounts, lenses and fittings to give you variety of options from just the one light, whether it’s a spotlight, fresnel or a large octodome/spring ball for super-soft light, this was designed to be the ‘one light that can do it all’.

In ‘Constant Output Mode’ you can adjust your brightness knowing the the colour balance will remain exactly the same, by using mathematically calculated level adjustments, even allowing you to adjust mid-scene without worrying about any change in colour temperature. The Aputure LS 300X guarantees wonderful skintones and near perfect spectral recreation with a CRI/TLCI level of 96+ and a Tungsten SSI score of 85+.

Although Aputure claim this can be V-Lock powered, the draw on these and lack of safety cut off can damage V-Lock Batteries, so we do not recommend batteries for prolonged use.

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