Arri 1.2K Daylight Compact HMI

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Punchy flicker-free daylight balanced light that can also be used for more delicate work, and more compact than the PARS for easiest transporting and quicker rigging/de-rigging. So if you don’t need the blast of daylight that a 2.5K or 4K gives you, or you don’t have a big enough electricity supply, then this is the HMI for you.

Comes with Ballast, Head cable, 8-10m of 16A extension and a 13-16A jumper so it can be plugged into domestic plug sockets.

If you want to go really high, to emulate a midday sun, then recommend using a double wind up stand, but if you do not need to go that high then it is light enough to be easily lifted onto an American combo stand.

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