Arri Signature Primes Set

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Arri have managed to create a lens that is sharp, but also manages to look soft and luscious at the same time. A very neat trick.

The quality of these lenses is literally incredible. They cover full frame, but also produce stunning results on Super-35mm sensors (with an LPL-PL adapter).

One of the features that, now we’ve seen it we can’t believe isn’t more widely done, is the ability to insert filters at the rear of the lens, this means that filters can be smaller and easier to produce at a high quality.

We absolutely love these lenses, and are fast becoming the go-to lenses when you want your product to be of the highest quality and also have an incredible “look”.

Our available lenses are:

18mm T1.8
21mm T1.8
25mm T1.8
29mm T1.8
35mm T1.8
40mm T1.8
47mm T1.8
58mm T1.8
75mm T1.8
95mm T1.8
125mm T1.8
150mm T1.8

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