ARRI Signature Zoom 45-135mm

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A Full Frame LPL T2.8 Zoom Lens with the quality and precision you would expect from Arri in their Signature Range. Matching their Signature Primes perfectly, but with the benefits of a huge zoom range for those shoots where a quick change of shot, or acquision of many shots where lens changes are not always possible.

At 2.8 there is compromise on the speed but, like the Signature Primes, they produce a beautifully warm image with flattering skin tones and wonderful control of the softness of the image, somehow producing something that looks beautifully soft, whilst also being sharp. We love this lens and the fact it partners so brilliantly with the primes makes it an unbelievably useful lens, whilst also holding it’s own in image quality if you decide that this is the only lens you need.

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