TLS Canon FD SSC Prime Lens Kit

TLS Re-Housed: 20, 28, 35, 45, 55, 85 T1.3 - 2.9

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For many months now we have bene testing and sourcing these vintage lenses to put together the best set of 9 lenses possible, ready for our slot on True Lens Services Re-Housing waiting list. Finally, the re-housing is complete and they are here, and they are amazing.

We have a base set of the 6 lenses, however the set can be expanded with use of Canon FD L lenses to increase the focal length range to a full range of 9.

Base set:

TLS Canon FD 20mm SSC T2.9
TLS Canon FD 28mm SSC T2.1
TLS Canon FD 35mm SSC Concave T2.1
TLS Canon FD-X 45mm T1.5
TLS Canon FD 55mm SSC Aspherical T1.3
TLS Canon FD 85mm SSC Aspherical T1.3

Additions to extend range:

TLS Canon FD 14mm L T2.9
TLS Canon FD 24mm L (Aspherical) T1.5
TLS Canon FD 135mm T2.1

They match the MK1 K35s – especially the SSC models, but we’ve extended the range with the Canon FDL and the fabulous Yashica 45mm f1.4 to create all the options you could ever need.

With their single coating they produce beautiful flares whilst maintaining sharpness, and create a wonderful Vintage look that just can’t be re-created with modern lenses.

True Lens have done a fantastic job re-housing these to their signature high level of precision, and produced stunning looking PL lenses that will satisfy even the most demanding of DOPs and Directors.

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