TLS Canon FD L Prime Lens Kit

TLS Re-Housed: 20, 28, 35, 50, 85 T1.3 - 2.9

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Canon’s legendary vintage FD L and X (extended) range of lenses, re-housed by market leaders True Lens Services. We spent many months sourcing the best donor lenses for TLS to strip down and rebuild into their modern housing so you can get the Canon FD vintage look with the benefits of modern lens design for use with focus control and matte box support.

A less vintage look than the SSC set, but still with lots of interest particularly to calm down modern sensors and create a beautiful slighty flattering image. Beautiful skintones and fabulous flare, covering Super 35 and Full Frame.

This FD L set is designed to be a more stripped down version of our very popular SSC set  , opening up the vintage Canon look to a wider range of production and uses. We have a base set of 5 lenses; enough to cater for most productions, however when further focal lengths are required it can be extended into a set of 9.

Base set:

TLS Canon FD L 20mm T2.9
TLS Canon FD L 28mm T2.1
TLS Canon FD X 35mm T1.5
TLS Canon FD L 50mm T1.3
TLS Canon FD L 85mm T1.3

Additions to extend range:

TLS Canon FD 14mm L T2.9
TLS Canon FD 24mm L (Aspherical) T1.5
TLS Canon FD-X 45mm (Yashica) T1.5
TLS Canon FD 135mm T2.1


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