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Welcome to the next era of digital cinematography with the new Arri ALEXA 35, in stock and available to hire now from Media Dog.

The new “ALEV 4” sensor is Arri’s first new sensor in 12 years, and it is simply stunning; a 27.99×19.22mm Super-35 sensor with 4.6K resolution and 17 stops of Dynamic Range (an extra stop in the shadows and 1.5 in the highlights over the previous models in the Alexa range), and ‘High ISO’ up to EI 6400 with an Advanced Sensitivity Mode.

Records to ARRIRAW and Apple ProRes in 422 HQ, 4444 or 4444 XQ, and a whole host of downsampling and de-squeezing options to allow flexibility depending on your productions needs.

Richer colour rendition through The REVEAL Colour Science, stray-light suppression technology between the sensor and the lens mount, and a choice of custom ARRI Textures (in a menu we are told will be forever evolving and being added to) means this is the most versatile but optically accurate ARRI Camera to date.

It uses a new ‘B-Mount’ battery connection, giving a more secure locking mechanism over the previous V-Mount, and 24V battery supply means higher capacity and higher draw capabilities, with more accurate digital information sent to the camera for monitoring consumption. It is however quite a bit physically larger than the previous models of Alexa Mini and Mini LF, meaning it may not be as easy when it comes to Gimbal work.

The camera has a built-in LBUS connection for linking WLCS motors, a serial port for distance measuring accessories, and an array of other useful connections – for more information view the Arri Alexa 35 Technical Specifications on the Arri website.


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