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Camera Hire

Red Weapon 6K S35

High on the list of Cameras DOP's chose for acquisition in that cool Californian brand Red, not just cool but awesome frame rates and resolution leading the industry into bigger and better sensor sizes.

Our Red Cameras are carbon fibre woven bodies ideal for use on a gimbal or drone and...

Arri Alexa Mini Hire with ArriRAW and 4:3 Licenses

The Arri Alexa Mini has a lightweight carbon fibre camera body with 35mm PL mount recording prores up to 200fps onto CFAST 2 Cards. The Mini has the same sensor and image handling as it's Alexa big brother but is more ergonomically designed for use handheld, and is small enough that it is better...

Arri Alexa Mini Hire

The latest offering from ARRI is the much anticipated Alexa Mini Compact. It's a lightweight self-contained and versatile addition to the ALEXA range.

It has a lightweight carbon fibre camera body with 35mm PL mount recording prores up to 200fps onto CFAST 2 Cards. The Mini has the same...

Red Epic Dragon Hire

RED Epic with 6K Dragon Sensor - available as PL Mount or EF Mount and with the latest sensor filter modification.

Can shoot up to 300fps in 2K RAW, or 100fps in 6K RAW! It has 16.5 stops of dynamic range and with very little noise at 2000 ISO.

Give us a call now to discuss you...

Arri Amira Camera Hire

The Amira can shoot up to 200 frames per second in 2K, and is lighter and easier to shoulder mount than the popular Alexa, but with the same World renowned sensor.

Ergonomically designed to be balanced for shoulder mounting, pair this up with our Fujinon Cabrio 19-90 and you've got what...

Arri Alexa Classic Hire

Arri Alexa Hire

This camera is still the favourite of many Directors and DOPs. It combines wonderful images with the durability of a camera that will not let you or your production down. The ALEXA has a 16:9 sensor and SxS Module that accepts two SxS PRO or SxS PRO+ cards...

Sony PMW-F55 Hire

The Sony F55 is camera that will revolutionise the film market is now available to hire from MediaDog. Shoots HD, 2K or 4K on Sony SxS Cards or Sony AXS-R5 Back Recorder.

Sony PMW-F55 (PMWF55) Super 35mm Full HD 4K CMOS Sensor Compact CineAlta Camcorder...

Sony PMW-F5 Camera Hire

The Sony PMW-F5 (PMWF5) is the baby brother to the F55. With it's 4K sensor the F5 Cinema Camera is capable of 2K internal recording, and 2K RAW and 4K using the AXS-R5 Bolt-On Recorder.

Our F5's come with Viewfinder and Rig to fit onto Sony VCT-14 plates as standard.

The Bolt On...

Sony PXW-FS7 Camera Hire

Sony FS7 Hire

Sony's new PXW-FS7 4K CMOS Camera features a 4K Super 35mm Exmor CMOS sensor and support for shooting in 4K 50p or Full HD at rates up to 180 fps.

Selectable recording formats include XAVC, which supports 4K 50p, HD 50p in 4:2:2 10-bit recording, as...

Sony FS7 K (w/ 28-135 Kit Lens)

Sony FS7 Hire with 28-135 F4 Kit Zoom Lens

Sony's new FS7 camera features 4K recording compatibility, along with high-speed, using the amazing sensor from the premium Sony PMW-F5, in a light weight handheld package. We feel this camera will be one of the most used and popular cameras in...

Sony PXW-FS5

The Sony PXW FS5 is the baby brother to the hugely successful FS7 and we feel will make a lot of friends. It has the same chip as the FS7 and many of the excellent codecs. It records stunning HD and 4K images as well as high speed filming at up to 240 frames per second.

This is a very...

Panasonic AU-EVA1

This small compact camera from Panasonic has a newly developed 5.7 K Super 35mm sensor that can capture 4K/10-bit 4:2:2 images.

With dual native ISO's of 800/2500 that offer very high sensitivity with little noise coupled with 14-stops of dynamic range, V-Log gamma and wide-colour-gamut V...

Canon C200 Camera Hire

The very latest C camera from Canon will make a lot of new friends in the filming world. It's a 15 stop of dynamic range, 4k, high speed unit that also does the new canon RAW light internally to Cfast 2.0 cards. It also has dual SD card slots for those that don't need RAW quality for 4K at 150...

Canon C300 Mk II

Canon C300 Mk ii Hire
The new Canon C300 Mk II (MkII), with full internal 4K recording. Canon's standard EF mount still allows utilisation of all Canon L Series lenses along with any EF mount Prime Lenses.

Camera now available to hire from Media Dog in Manchester,...

Canon C300 Camera Hire

Canon C300 Hire

Create wonderful filmic looks with this 35mm Digital Film - records in Full 1080P, 4:2:2, with a bit rate of up to 50 mbps.

Takes advantage of Canon's entire EF mount lens range, and unlike the Canon 5D or 7D is purpose built for video; much...

Canon C100 Camera Hire

Canon C100 Hire

We have both the MkI and MkII C100's please specify the one your require when booking.

Canon C100, EF mount to take advantage of Canon's full range of EF lenses.

Same sensor and layout as the very popular Canon C300 - only with a capped bit...

Nokia Ozo 360 VR Camera (with Operator)

The Nokia Ozo 360 VR Camera is the choice of professionals, no more complex multi-camera rigs and worrying if all cameras are recording and how long will those Go-Pro batteries last!

OZO is the first Virtual Reality camera system specifically designed for professional production. Powerful...

DJI Mavic Drone Camera

The DJI Mavic can capture up to 4K footage with with it's outstanding 3-axis stabilisation, and precision hover technology. It has a maximum distance of 8 miles (13 km), 27 minutes fly time and a top speed of 40 mph (65 km/h), making it perfect for tracking cars. It also boasts a 12.35 megapixel...


We really like the Osmo X3 but the X5 is just as good at holding a steady shot and it has a much better camera. The Zenmuse X5 camera has a micro 4/3 sensor for improved low light, impressive dynamic range and better overall image quality.

It records in HD or 4K and takes 16 megapixel...

DJI Osmo X3

The DJI Osmo camera is an almost unique product. It produces super smooth fully stabilised video in HD or 4K and it is a joy to use all at a very reasonable price. It can be used instead of a gimbal or stabiliser, or with a car and bike mount, on a tripod, or handheld. It has 1 hour of video...

Sony PMW500 Hire

PMW 500 Hire
Solid state Full BBC Approved HD, 1080, 50mpbs, 4:2:2

Records onto Sony SXS cards.

The PMW-500 (PMW500) from Sony is superb, high quality camera that delivers professional features and tremendous versatility. A firm favourite of the BBC.


Sony PDW-F800 HD XDCAM Camera Hire

The PDW 800 is the camera of choice for most productions, and fully BBC HD approved.

HD material at up to 50Mb/s onto Dual Layer Professional Disc.

The PDW 800 from Sony is superb, high quality camera that delivery professional features and tremendous versatility.


Sony PMW-300 Camera Hire

PMW 300 Hire

Sony's newest addition to the PMW XDCam camera range. The PMW-300 (PMW300) has all the benefits of the PMW-200 (PMW200) but with the same LCD viewfinder as used on the Sony PMW-F5 and F55 4K Cinema Cameras. Pull out and adjustable shoulder pad makes this a...

Sony PMW-200 Hire

PMW 200 Hire
Full BBC HD Approved.
The PMW-200 (PMW200) is Sony's answer to the popular Canon 305. Full 50Mbit/s 4:2:2, but with a 1/2" censor. Excellent low-light performance for a small camera, and incredible picture quality.

The fixed lens gives an...

Canon 305 Hire

Canon 305 Hire

BBC HD Approved - The Canon 305 (XF305) gives Full HD 1920x1080 4:2:2 recording on Compact Flash Cards at up to 50Mbps.

18x L-series HD Video Lens, f/1.6 max., 29.3mm wideangle (35mm equivalent).

Variable frame rate recording (12-50fps).


Canon XA20 (with Nightvision)

Cheap and cheery - but with fantastic nightvision capability!

The Canon XA-20 (XA20) is perfect for 1080 HD shooting on a budget. Records mp4 at 35Mbit/s from a 1/2" CMOS sensor - or 28Mbit/s using AVCHD.

It's OLED touchscreen controls make it easy to use, but this camera's secret...

Sony PXW-X70

Introducing Sonys answer to Canons XA20, the brand new PXW-X70. boasting full 50mbps HD the X70 is leaps ahead of the curve for this style of camera.
In addition to being able to record in XAVC HD and AVC HD straight to SD cards, the X70 also boasts a HD-SDI output and a whopping 1 Inch...

Sony FS700 Hire

Sony NEX-FS700 High Speed Camera with 4K Sensor.

Capable of recording up to 960 frames per second (at reduced quality), and 240 frames per second in 1080P at 24Mb/s.

Comes with standard kit lens of Sony 18-200, or a Metabones adapter which will allow you to mount any Canon EF...

Canon EOS 5D Mk III Hire

Canon's upgraded model on the popular Canon 5D Mk2. The Mk3 has better sensor and much more versatility and higher recording formats. In fact, it is a completely new camera that has either improvements or complete replacements to all its functions. One of the biggest improvements in the field is...

Canon EOS 5D MkII Hire

Amazingly shallow depth of field and great in low light performance. The new firmware has enabled the camera to shoot 24/25fps at 1080p.

Being so light, portable and such high quality, the Canon 5D has become a very popular choice of camera for films and documentaries.

Contact us...

Sony a7s MKII

The a7S MKII Camera is a 35mm Full Frame Camera with 4K Video

35mm Camera is a 24.3-megapixel camera that puts as much emphasis on its movie capture capabilities as its still image prowess. While the a7S MKII is a capable still shooter, Sony has emphasised that its real focus is...

Panasonic Lumix GH4

The GH4 boasts a 16 mega pixel sensor, supports 4K and 2K video recording.

With options like peaking and zebras this little camera really is a great option to have!

Also working brilliantly with our 11mm Olympus lens as a Mimicam.

RED One Mysterium-X (MX)

RED One Mysterium-X (MX) - available as EF or PL Mount.

Kit contains:

3 x REDBRICK V-Lock Batteries & Charger + Cradle
19mm Rail System
Shoulder Dovetail
2 x 320GB RED DRIVE + Cradle Mount
2 x 16GB RED Compact Flash Card...

Red One Mysterium

RED One Mysterium - available as PL Mount or EF Mount.

Kit contains :

2 x REDBRICK V-Lock Batteries & Charger + Cradle
19mm Rail System
Shoulder Dovetail
320GB RED DRIVE + Cradle Mount
16GB RED Compact Flash Card
2 x...

Toshiba Minicam

Toshiba IK-HR1H. 1080i/720p switchable, this is an excellent minicam due to it's size and weight as much as it's modern sensor and high quality filming capabilities. Weighing only 1.8oz it really reduces the vibration issues you find with a majority of minicams, making it perfect for in-car...

GoPro Hero 5 Black

Capture amazing moments with the next generation of the camera that seems to go anywhere.

Hero 5 Black features include...

4K at 30FPS Video

1440 at 80FPS Video

1080 at 120FPS Video

12Mp / 30 FPS Burst Time Lapse photos

Video Stabilisation


GoPro Hero 4 Hire

GoPro's new Hero 4.

Our kits come as standard with:

2x Batteries
2x Micro SD Cards
Tripod Mount, Suction Mount, 90 degree adapter
USB Cable and Wifi Accessories

Additional grips, including clamp mounts, magic arms and heavy duty suction mounts, are...

GoPro Hero 3 Minicam Hire

The latest POV Action Camera Minicam from GoPro.

Media Dog have the 'Black Edition' which is the highest quality currently available, with 12MP camera, 1080P at 60FPS and comes with a Wi-Fi Remote Control.

Our kits come with a LCD Rear back screen, 32gb MicroSD card and spare...

Panasonic AG-HCK10 HD MiniCam

The Panasonic HCK-10 is an exceptionally high quality HD MiniCam. Full 1080p image with overcranking.

Super-Wide Angle Lens available on request, making it perfect for in-car interviews / PTC's as you can achieve a 2-shot in even the smallest of cards. As with most minicams, sound input...

Sony HXR-MC1P MiniCam Hire

Complete with an accessory kit including wide angle lens, ultra wide angle lens, fish eye lens, and 2 batteries!

Each minicam also comes with a 16GB Memory Stick and an 8GB Memory Stick giving you plenty of recording time, and a card reader in case you wish to transfer the videos to a...

Blackmagic Cinema Camera

Blackmagic's long long long awaited entry into the digital film market.

Makes full use of the entire range of EF Mount lenses, with 13 stops of Dynamic range and features a built-in SSD recorder that allows 2.5K uncompressed CinemaDNG RAW 12-bit capture as well as Apple ProRes and Avid...

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera

"A true Super 16 digital film camera that's small enough to take anywhere!"

The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera records 1080HD resolution ProRes 422 files, with 13 stops of dynamic range.

Call us now for Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Hire in Birmingham, The Midlands and throughout the...

Sony HDV Z7 Hire

Sony HVR-Z7E records HDV to MiniDV tapes. Can also record to Compact Flash cards either similtaneously or just to the card, has an interchangable lens and shoulder mount.

Popular for it's ~3 seconds of 100fps shooting, allowing short but effective slow motion shots.

Call now for HD...

Sony HDV Z1 Hire

The Sony HVR-Z1 supports HDV and DVCAM recording. Probably our most popular small professional camera due to it's lightweight and simplistic characteristics, whilst still giving professional quality recording and usability.

Call us now for Sony HDV Z1 Hire in the Midlands and Birmingham...